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  • Garment care


    Garments can be machine-washed at max 40º C or 60º C. For a better washing you can fill the washing machine at half load and put a tennis ball to minimize the folds at the time of ironing.

    We recommend hand wash so clothes can last longer. If you do so, it’s important not to wring the garment to prevent the fibers from breaking.

    Use a natural or smooth detergent. If there are stains in your clothes you can rub the affected area with Marseille soap or any vegetable soap before washing.

    Linen is a long fiber that loves water and dries quickly.
    Stretch the garment before hanging it up.
    A quick drying in the dryer or in full sunlight can damage the garment.
    Dry the garment horizontally, indoors and in the shade.
    In no case should you wring the garment.

    Better to use a steam iron.
    Always iron the garment inside out to avoid wearing out the color.

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