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  • Our Values

    We are Slow Fashion: At WIWI we want to create timeless clothing and collections that have their own identity and artistic coherence. Our way of working is by request. This way allows us to launch WIWI to the world and manufacture only those garments that are necessary. We avoid overproducing and overconsuming raw materials.



    We take care of the land and the people who work it. We use sustainable fabrics. All our garments are made with 100% natural fabrics, grown in an environmentally friendly way. The dyes used are of low environmental impact, without harmful substances and suitable for sensitive skin.


    We produce locally and create decent work: For us, the work ethic is very important throughout the manufacturing process of the product. All the production phases, from the design, the prototypes and the patterns to the making of the garments, are carried out in Spain. Thus, we generate jobs with decent salaries and support the professionals of the textile sector of our country.



    We use proximity fabrics: We try to make our environmental impact and our ecological footprint as small as possible, so we started our project by launching a collection with exclusively European fabrics: French linen and Romanian hemp. The other embellishments and finishes that we cannot ensure as sustainable or ecological, such as zippers and buttons, we acquire in local stores.



    We are Zero Residue: We design our patterns in such a way that we generate as little material as possible. With the remnants that we obtain, we make the accessories of the collection (belts and bows). We use the smallest pieces for the lining of the buttons. The leftover cloth, being the linen and hemp fibers of vegetable origin, we compost or donate to social enterprises that allocate it to textile recycling to make new garments.



    We take care of the forests: We use recycled paper and cardboard from well-managed forests, according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council. (FSC Certificate).



    We generate an ethical communication: We want our words, images and ways of communicating to promote values ​​such as equity, respect and responsibility.



    We believe in the power of education: We know how important education is to generate social change, which is why we hold talks and conferences, as well as use our dissemination platforms to inform about the positive impact sustainable fashion has for people and the planet.



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