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    SHIPPING TIMES: 15 BUSINESS DAYS (Spain) / 20 BUSINESS DAYS (International Shipping).

    Our philosophy of Slow Fashion and Zero Waste takes us to work making each garment exclusively by request. We want to recover the traditional ways of making the garments, consuming only the necessary raw material and producing only the garments that we are sure will have a useful life.


    How does it work?

    1 – Make your purchase

    2 – Your order will arrive at our workshops and will be exclusively made using all our care and dedication.

    3 – We send it to you in a period of 15 business days, from when you place the order, or 20 business days if you live outside of Spain.

    We are SLOW FASHION. Because quality takes time.

    Thank you for your patience and for betting on sustainable fashion!

    We hope that you fall in love with your WIWI clothes and that you enjoy and care for them for many years. ❤

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