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  • Who We Are

    WIWI is formed by a team of creative people with a love of nature and natural fabrics.

    This ethical and sustainable fashion project comes from our commitment to the environment and responsible consumption. For us, WIWI is a small paradise from which we can dream, create and transform the world into a better place. We like to think that taking care of the planet and creating in a sustainable way, nature gives us all its abundance and beauty.

    With our designs and manufacturing methods, we intend to generate a positive social impact and offer people the possibility of dressing in an ethical, aesthetic and sustainable way. We look for the best European fabrics to create exclusive, unique and durable garments that respect nature and people. As a team, we work so that sustainability and design can be available to everyone.


    Isabel Pastor: Founder and designer of WIWI Ethical Wear.

    Ana and Laura: Great defenders of ecology and sustainable livelihoods. Our sewing bosses,  pattern makers and seamstresses.

    Nicoleta Sefu: Seamstress. The person who made the first stitches. Thanks to her we were able to make the prototypes of the first “Paradise” collection.

    Paco Pastor, @pakpaxtor: Nature lover and versatile artist. Our expert in communication, video, photography and web design.

    Francisco Pastor: Mentor and economic manager.

    Ana Alonso, @anialonsoc: Plastic artist and graphic designer. Stylist from the Paradise collection.

    Catalina Rodriguez, @catalamitad: Watercolorist and artist.

    Patricia Alonso: Make-up artist.

    Piérre Künstner, Jenifer Horlent, Laura Capannesi,  Marion Künstner, Garret Bemiller and Sabela Rubio Caamaño: Translations.

    Marizol @tli_jun, Julia @enchantedjulia, Sara @sarascobo and Ebbaba @ebbaba_h: Women who give life to the Paradise collection through their image.

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